ROCK PALACE, Marine Park

Why am I showing a nondescript corner in Marine Park, Quentin Road at East 35th Street? The corner seems newly remodeled, with a day care center occupying the ground floor.


When I previously shuffled by in September 2002 it looked like this and was home to a catering hall.


Back in the 1970s, though, this was one of the premier rock venues in Brooklyn, Zappa’s, which for a time was known as the Rock Palace. The Good Rats were one of the premier live acts in the Northeast from the 1960s into the 2000s.

Tommy Dean Najarian, Zappas’ sound engineer:

For you history buffs, Zappa’s used to be located on the corner of 35th Street and Quentin Road before moving down the block to the corner of 36th Street and Quentin Road. The original site was then converted to Fantasy Island disco, then Marquee. Prior to Zappa’s, it was also the home of the Rock Palace and Camelot niteclubs. Some of us spent a good deal of our lives working at the club in it’s various incarnations. 

After its conversion to a disco, the hard rock scene in Brooklyn shifted to L’Amour in Bensonhurst in 1981, which packed them in with top metal acts until 2004.  By then, the Brooklyn concert scene was shifting again to Williamsburg.

The “outer” boroughs had a lively rock scene in the Super Seventies, utterly unwritten about these days. The top British and American bands in the world played The Ritz in Port Richmond, Staten Island, including the Kinks, Yes and Jethro Tull. For a time the Grateful Dead had a virtual residency in the Albee Theater in Borough Park, Brooklyn, playing matinee shows in what was temporarily called the 46th Street Rock Palace and later, Bananafish Gardens.




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6 Responses to ROCK PALACE, Marine Park

  1. Bob Sklar says:

    In the 1960’s, there was a catering hall in Queens called Arele’s (sp?) at Horace Harding Expwy North at 193rd St. By 1995 it had become a funeral parlor, and is now a Jewish center. There is something inherently funny about a catering hall morphing into a funeral parlor. Did they get hold of some bad prime rib?

    • Stuart Burnett says:

      From catering hall to bier hall, I guess…

    • Joy says:

      Yes, the catering hall was called Arele’s. My grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary there, probably in the mid 1950’s.

      • Laura C says:

        Joy, my grandparents did too, in August 1960! On the back of the photo taken at the event, I have “Arele’s New Roumanian, Horace Harding Bl. Flushing.” I didn’t attend the party; I was naughty that day, so my folks left me at home in New Haven. 🙁

  2. FNY Fan Skipper says:

    And don’t forget L’Amour’s East on Queens Boulevard in Elmhurst.

  3. Michael says:

    I grew up in Marine Park and rember the copper penny and flame restaurants.

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