HIKE NEW YORK, Sunnyside

Just to get it out of the way, there’s no organization called “Hike New York”, but there are 44 pairs of 24″ diameter signs placed along designated routes in Astoria, and also reaching into the landmarked Sunnyside Gardens Historic District.

Working with the cooperation of NYC’s Public Art Fund and the Department of Transportation, in 1994 artist Richard Deon conceptualized a five-mile routs zigzagging through the neighborhoods, highlighting artistic venues such as the Isamu Noguchi MuseumMoMA PS1Museum of the Moving Image and others, some of which are no longer there. Maps of the route have been distributed in the past  and a sample can be seen on Deon’s website (I wish the map were more carefully rendered, as it seems a bit confusing.)


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  1. Kali Bird says:

    Hi! There is in fact a company called “Hike New York”–mine! While we have no responsibility for or association with the Hike New York signs, it does seem fitting.

    We’re based in Beacon, NY, a small city on the Metro North Railroad, between the Hudson Highlands and Hudson River. Beacon is home to MOMA’s large exhibit museum DIA:Beacon and more art galleries than I ever thought could fit on Main St!

    Maybe we should incorporate an art/hike too? Cheers.


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