45 Murray Street, part of the Tribeca South landmarked district, is a 4-story building dating from the early 19th Century that was expanded and reconstructed in 1854 by architect Samuel Warner, who designed the Marble Collegiate Church at 5th Avenue and West 29th Street.

The building is notable for its fluted cast iron columns with Corinthian capitals…


… as well as a pair of address number plates on two of the columns. Many historic buildings in Tribeca retain this feature, and a few preserve old street numbering schemes.


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3 Responses to 45 MURRAY STREET, Tribeca

  1. AirStream says:

    If the building was constructed in the early 20th century, how could it have been “expanded and reconstructed” in 1854?

  2. chitien Lui says:

    I think it had a fire, then it was rebuilt …

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