BIDDLE HOUSE, Tottenville

Captain Henry Hogg Biddle’s grand mansion at 70 Satterlee Street was built on the water’s edge between 1840-1845 in a Dutch Colonial style with unusual two-story porticoes. At the time, Biddle operated the ferry between Tottenville and Perth Amboy, NJ (the ferry was in operation until 1963). Note that the front and back of the house are designed the same, with four large Doric columns.

The house is now owned by NYC and is part of Conference House Park. Biddle’s grove, a summer resort on the northern part of Biddle’s Farm, was established in the early 1850s.


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  1. Joe Fliel says:

    Note that the front and back of the house are designed the same, with four large Doric columns.

    What is more amazing, after examining both photos, is that the architect was able to exactly reproduce every single detail found in the front, down to the location and shape of the shrubs, the folding chairs on the porch, peeling paint on the sides and even an exact copy of the house in the background. Sorta like looking at an M.C. Escher drawing. Truly a testament to paying attention to detail. 😉

  2. Edward says:

    This house stood in for Louis Gossett, Jr’s Harve de Grace, Maryland farmhouse in a few episodes of last season’s “Boardwalk Empire.” I recognized the front porch, and knew that Staten Island was used quite extensively in “Empire” filming over the past few seasons.

  3. Adrian Gomez says:

    Kevin, I looked at both pictures and I can safely say they are the same and not the front and back of the house. The shrubbery is in the same position in both pictures and the house to the left in the photo is in the exact same place.

    • Kevin Walsh says:

      I have been forced to show 2 photos that are the same on my “One Shots” pages because with the WordPress I’m using, mobile devices won’t show the photos unless I do that. I’m going to try another workaround.

  4. Tim says:

    I’d say it is mainly Greek Revival, except for the Dutch-Colonial way the slope of the roof changes and incorporates the porches.

  5. Kathi Lynne Kass says:

    I visited Biddle house yesterday and unexpectedly saw a very old and beautiful mezuzah on the front door post. Can you tell me who owned Biddle House after the Biddle family passed away? Thank you.

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