This classic Twinlamp with its unusual German helmet spike finial and extra ornamentation at the joints holding the Bell luminaires once stood in the traffic triangle at Canal and West Streets until it was torn down in the 1980s. Behind it is a trestle that carried the Miller (West Side) Highway over Canal Street. A trestle was needed so pillars wouldn’t be smack in the middle of wide Canal Street.

The West Side Highway was gradually demolished between 1975 and 1985.

Photo by Bob Mulero.


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2 Responses to CANAL STREET TWIN

  1. Earthdog says:

    Note the miniature guywire mast attached to the traffic signal, looks like the Traffic Dept opted to reuse it when the 2-color traffic signals with standard R-Y-G signals

  2. Kiwiwriter says:

    I remember going by this lamppost as a kid and being amazed it had survived generations of truck drivers.

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