For years after moving to fab Flushing in 1993, I had been puzzled by this once-handsome brick building at Northern Boulevard and 147th Street, whose front yard is now used as a parking lot, marking time amid apartment towers and strip malls.

Well, wonder no more, as thanks to a facebook group I’ve discovered it was once the Hallett & Hallett Funeral Home; above is their 1956 brochure. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Apparently Hallett & Hallett is associated with the Astoria Halletts, for whom Hallett’s Cove is named.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the building’s current use is.


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6 Responses to HALLETT & HALLETT FUNERAL HOME, Flushing

  1. RC-11 says:

    The streets may have been numbered differently back when the brochure was printed.
    This building is 10/4 west of 147th Street. It’s just 300 feet east of Parsons Blvd on Northern Blvd.

  2. RC-11 says:

    typo correction – 1/4 mile west

  3. Robert says:

    sorry but you are incorrect, Hallett was on the south/west corner of 147st and Northern Blvd. The building in your photo was owned the the Myers family, the structure in front was their Florist for many years.

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