QMT BULLET SIGN, Downtown Brooklyn

On FNY’s April 20, 2015 post I took a look at a relatively new Queens Midtown Tunnel bullet sign right next to the tunnel entrance in Murray Hill. FNY’s roving correspondent, Gary Fonville, passes along a photo of a much older QMT bullet located in the center median of Tillary Street running east at Prince Street. The entrance to the eastbound Brooklyn Queens Expressway is just ahead and you can indeed attain the QMT by driving on the BQE into Queens and transferring west on the Queens Midtown Expressway, which gets you to the tunnel, where you will pay $8.00 in a passenger car, $5.54 with EZ Pass (2015 prices) to enter Manhattan.

Of course, if it’s Manhattan you want to enter you can simply stay on Tillary, turn left at Navy Street, turn left again on Nassau Street and follow the signs to the Manhattan Bridge entrance — it’s free of charge!

But no doubt the rubes visiting Uncle Eddie in Queens will take the QMT.


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  1. fdr says:

    Your suggested detour to the free Manhattan Bridge will be outdated if Sam Schwartz’s plan to toll the East River bridges ever passes, which is doubtful given opposition from drivers in Queens and Brooklyn.

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