QUEENS WHITE, Highland Park

This pair of color-coded blue on white Queens signs from ca. 1964 survived longer than most on the Brooklyn-Queens line in Highland Park, but have finally succumbed at last check. The pole now doesn’t have any street signs at all, which tells you that the Department of Transportation would rather have no signs at all than ones in the “wrong” color.

Photo from 2000.


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5 Responses to QUEENS WHITE, Highland Park

  1. Randy T says:

    The triangular sign on that pole (that was) probably would have indicated the direction to a bridge. Which do you figure it might have been? Whitestone?

    • Danny S. says:

      If it was one of those signs pointing to a bridge, it would be for the Triboro, the Whitestone and Throgs Neck signs were not plain triangles, they had little projections at the top making them sort of “shields”. But maybe it’s just a “Yield” sign (possibly twisted around and not quite facing the right way).

  2. John says:

    I see why non Staten Islanders call Hylan Blvd. Highland Blvd. Off island advertising agencies used to post the wrong name all the time and probably still do.

  3. Joe Fliel says:

    There’s also the possibility that those signs might end up on evilBay.

  4. Kiwiwriter says:

    The mystery to me is where these signs wind up when they are removed…when I was in Christchurch, New Zealand, the city folks told me that they often would give away old street signs to people who wanted them, for nostalgic, historic, or family reasons (same name as the sign).

    I got four removed street signs from the city when they swapped them out for new ones, and took them home — two Antarctic explorers and two British admirals. Three were to be given away, but I got two back when my brother moved and my mother died, and they’re in my attic, along with a Bronx street sign…good, solid, quarter-inch steel. Great for bulletin boards.

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