TYPE G, Greenwich Village

When this storage facility at West 10th Street between Washington and West Streets was torn down a couple of years ago, this Type G wall lamp went with it. Photo from 2000.


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3 Responses to TYPE G, Greenwich Village

  1. I do believe this Type G Wall Bracket will be mounted back on the new building.

  2. Danny S. says:

    What is the arrangement between the City and the building owner regarding wall-mounted lamps like that? I presume the owner must consent to having the lamp attached to his building. What about the electricity? It would have to be metered separately from the electricity used by the building’s occupant.

  3. Sandy Saltzman says:

    If you check out the front of 86 Thomas street, it can be seen how power was usually supplied to building mounted lights. The light was removed several years ago,but the service conduit can be seen going to the “cutout box”that contained a fuse and originally an astronomic time switch. A smaller conduit supplied the power to the light. Notice how they butchered the stonework to install the conduit. On newer buildings the conduit is usually concealed and the cutout box cover is flush with the wall.

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