Extra-large Department of Transportation street signs appear at intervals along fast and furious Kings Highway in East Flatbush. I can’t really say, but I imagine the DOT devised this method to help fast-moving cars identify cross streets on Kings Highway, where the stoplights are synchronized to make it for all intents and purposes a surface arterial (much like Philly’s Roosevelt Boulevard).

About 10 years ago, larger street signs started appearing on stoplight mastarms, in the fashion of Los Angeles and other large cities around the country.

These “economy size” signs appear nowhere else in the five boroughs, as far as I know.


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4 Responses to ECONOMY-SIZE STREET SIGNS, East Flatbush

  1. Jeffrey Wasserman says:

    Los Angeles boulevards have signs posted announcing upcoming cross-streets a half block before the intersections. So does Brooklyn’s Ocean Parkway. It’s especially helpful when cross-streets are not in alphabetical or numerical order. The NYC DoT should consider doing likewise elsewhere.

  2. Buckley says:

    I’ve seen these street signs at the Southeast corner of 69th street and 34th ave in Jackson Heights right next to the BQE and the bowling alley.
    Here is the street view:,-73.979681,10z

  3. Kiwiwriter says:

    These are what I would call “Sooper-Dooper Signs!” 🙂

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