BISHOP CROOK, Hunters Point

For years I patronized the Waterfront Crabhouse in the rapidly changing Hunters Point, but now that it has closed after the death of owner Tony Mazzarella, I should say something about the hybrid Bishop Crook posts at the front entrance. Both appear to be park poles with bishop crook masts affixed to the top.

This one is a Type B park post, very commonly seen in parks, with a bishop crook lamp at the apex. This combination never happened in ‘nature,’ ie. from the Department of Traffic / Transportation, but here it is.

With the demise of the Crabhouse, the next owner of the building will probably scrap them, so lamp freaks, catch them while you can.


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  1. Matza Rella says:

    Excellent article; I look very much forward to your coverage of Rabbi Thief…

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