As I was staggering down Roosevelt Avenue in Corona the other day, crazy from the heat, I noticed a new variety of lamppost that has appeared, a davit-style, cylindrical post. As of mid-2015 a couple of dozen of these had replaced…


The brown-painted, L-shaped fixtures holding New Gumballs that have been used under many NYC elevated trains since the mid-1980s. I suspect we won’t be seeing these anymore within a few years.

The bright white LED revolution is coming, whether you like it or not!


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2 Responses to COMING TO AN EL NEAR YOU…

  1. Sal says:

    These new lights are blinding, accidently look at one briefly and your seeing spots, this is dangerous.

  2. John says:

    I will miss the Type BBs I loved seeing the single and double posts under els I think the new gumball and Cobra heads were cool and some of the Type BBs had fire alarm lights on them and the new poles and lamps are ugly.

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