I haven’t been in this stretch of Borough Park, at Fort Hamilton Parkway and 60th Street, for a year and a half at least, but I have always had a distinct memory of this somewhat imposing building on the SW corner. When I was a kid my parents and I used to go on excursion bus rides on the B16 route that traveled down FHP on its way to Ocean Avenue a block away from Prospect Park, and this building…


… and the huge neon “Rogers Pontiac” sign will always be emblazoned on my engrams as it was a grand auto showroom. It didn’t occur to me at age seven that I would never truly learn to drive!


Earlier on it was a Dodge and Plymouth showroom, still ran by the mysterious Mr. Rogers.

At length, the car showroom moved out and in the 1980s, it was home to a roller skating rink called, I sh-t you not, “United Skates of America.”

The most recent business inhabiting the building was a caterer called Hostess International. The framework of the neon sign supported their print sign.

The Google Street View from 2014 indicates that the building had been hollowed out and construction fencing had surrounded the building.

So, till I can get over there again, let me know: has it been torn down, or is it being rehabilitated?


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6 Responses to ROGERS PONTIAC, Borough Park

  1. Larry says:

    I used to love taking that B 16 Ft Ham Pky bus…started at Woodruff and Ocean and never crowded at its start..I like the way it just meandered thru to Bay Ridge from my Flatbush home base…

  2. John says:

    My cousin, who travels to Brooklyn regularly, told me that this building is being razed. He does not know what is to be built there.

  3. Brian Formoe says:

    According to ‘One More Folded Sunset’:
    “In 2005, the owner, claiming “hardship and changes in the area” applied to convert the building to mixed residential & retail space, with parking, and was granted a variance. Nine years later, 6002 is undergoing a Karl Fischer “alteration” to become a five-storey (sic) residential building. Basically there are just two walls left here, with everything else demolished. It’s good to see a handsome facade like this retained, but to the naive observer, the work permits issued for these kinds of massive jobs seem awfully skimpy.”
    Recent pics here:

  4. What a beautiful old building. I haven’t been back since January, so I don’t know how the site looks now. Excuse the use of “storey” – even after thirty years here I can’t relinquish that spelling!

  5. Jackie says:

    Anyone know Irving or Joe Rogersor Milt Hapern ?

    • Anthony Fusaro says:

      I knew Milt. Met him when I was a little kid and my dad was the manager at Rogers. Unlike my dad milt was a nice guy.

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