While stumbling around Tribeca scouting the ForgottenTour that was held on October 4, 2015, I saw this painted ad at #77 Hudson Street just south of Harrison Street, and I had despaired of ever figuring out what it said, since it had just about faded away. Closer inspection reveals it’s a palimpsest of at least three ads painted on top of the other, with a pair of windows cut through at a later date.

Looking even closer, though, I made out the “George F. Wagner” on the first line, and a little googling from there revealed the Landmarks Preservation Commission report for Fieldston in the Bronx. It was at #4600 Fieldston Road, the report said, that Wagner, president of the George F. Wagner Butter, Cheese and Egg Company built his dream mansion.

So, that part of this mess of ads, at least, comes together and makes sense. This part of Tribeca used to be called the Butter and Egg District because of the many dairy products wholesalers clustered there, especially on Duane Street surrounding Duane Park. No trace remains of the butter and egg men — except for George F. Wagner and his Fieldston mansion.



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