I was in Boerum Hill in Brooklyn the other day and I noticed that the original sign of the old St. Clair Restaurant at Atlantic avenue and Smith Streets had been exposed during building renovations. The “old” St. Clair has been home to the “postgame show” of a couple of Forgotten NY tours held in Green-Wood Cemetery; the decor was bright and sunny, while diner food always appeals, for me at least. The restaurant was evicted a couple of years ago.

The “new” St. Clair Restaurant recently opened at #155 Smith St.┬ábut I have not tried it yet.


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2 Responses to ST. CLAIR RESTAURANT, Boerum Hill

  1. Joe Fliel says:

    Carroll Gardens Classic Diner isn’t a “recent” addition to Smith St. It has been open since 2005.

  2. Eric says:

    Thor Equities – a kingpin of the destruction this city’s original beauty is witnessing.

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