The Queensborough Corporation, beginning in the 1910s and continuing on to the 1930s, built a magnificent series of apartment buildings between 74th and 90th Street and from Roosevelt Avenue north to Jackson Avenue, now Northern Boulevard. The buildings boast vast inner courtyards (invisible from the street) and the complex once had its own golf course and tennis club. Though occasional redesigns have altered the buildings, they remain a NYC treasure and own well-deserved places as NYC landmarks.

The Robert Morris Apartments, built in 1929 on the south side of 37th Avenue between 79th and 80th Street, still preserves what are probably its original molded doorways and cut glass facades.


Stop inside the Jackson Heights Post Office — a Georgian-style brick building at 78-02 37th Avenue — for a look at Peppino Mangravite’s 1940 mural, “Development of Jackson Heights,” depicting the farms of Jackson Heights before its early-20th Century development.

There are also extraordinary murals commissioned by the Depression-era Works Progress Administration to be found in the Woodhaven post office on Forest Parkway just off Jamaica Avenue, and murals depicting several Queens neighborhoods adorn the walls of the Flushing Post Office on Main Street at Sanford Avenue.


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  1. Bob Powell says:

    My father owned a supper club in Jackson Heights probably 1950 or so.
    Bob Powell Jackson Heights Supper Club He was a caretaker for a building that was managed by Queens borough and opened as a club. Evidently the building burnt to the ground, early 1950’s?????

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