When I last saw them a few years ago, this pair of massive Art Deco concrete wings were sitting behind a fence near Pier 54 on the Hudson River, where West Street and 10th Avenue come together. The pier, which received survivors of the Titanic after it was destroyed by an iceberg in April 1912, and where the ill-fated Lusitania sailed three years later only to be torpedoed by a U-Boat, has been the subject of various revitalization projects in recent years, none of which have come about to date. Only the metal superstructure surrounding the entrance door of the once elaborate brick building is still standing.

The wings, meanwhile, once decorated the fencing for entrance and exit ramps of the West Side (or Junius Miller) Highway, and are some of the few remaining elements of the elevated highway, most of which was closed in 1973 following years of deferred maintenance; the last of it was torn down in 1989.

I imagine if the city ever gets its act together and fixes up the pier these relics will be placed within.



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2 Responses to WEST SIDE HIGHWAY WINGS, Greenwich Village

  1. josh says:

    i wonder, is this is the same pair of wings that used to adorn washington market park? as seen on this very website: http://forgotten-ny.com/2001/06/millers-crossing-the-west-side-elevated-highway/

  2. chris says:

    I remember back in the 70s an article in the village voice about these people who were chopping off
    a piece of some ornamental iron work up on the w. side hwy.I think it was some kinda eagle.
    Just casually appropriating public property for themselves cuz they felt entitled to it….

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