LITTLE HOUSE THAT COULD, Kingsbridge Heights

“Could,” as in survive.

One of my perennial FNY favorites: this lilliputian amid two massive 7-story apartment towers on Webb Avenue between Reservoir Avenue and West 197th in Kingsbridge Heights. Undoubtedly, at one time this 2-story dwelling with an attic dormer had partners here on the east side of the street, but they were all displaced by the Deco building on the left, probably from the early 1930s, and the stolid boxy apartment house on the right, likely of Fab 50s vintage.

The house is maintained in the same condition it’s been for several years, with gold siding and brown indoor porch. The Stars and Stripes flew proudly as I stumbled past.

I wish Webb Avenue had retained a former name, “Tee-Taw Avenue” named for a French minister named Tetard, according to Bronx historian John McNamara.


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7 Responses to LITTLE HOUSE THAT COULD, Kingsbridge Heights

  1. Steven Otero says:

    Art Deco Building was built in 1930 . The Apartment House on the right was built in 1957 . The lone house was built in 1920 .

  2. Raanan Geberer says:

    You mentioned John Peter Tetard, the French minister, I went to Tetard Junior High, only a few blocks from here. Thus, the phrase (popular with some of the kids from other school), a “Tetard retard!” Most of us just called it JHS 143.

  3. George says:

    How does one repair/ paint etc the side of the house by the 1930’s building?

    Looks like if one is skinny enough, you could get in there, but couldn’t move much? Use a ladder?

  4. Tal Barzilai says:

    Just seeing that house there does make it feel out of place, though it’s probably a remnant of what was there before all those apartment buildings got built there.

  5. Tal Barzilai says:

    At least whoever lives in that house doesn’t have to possibly circle around to find a parking spot unlike many of the rest that pretty much do.

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