These programs are supported by public funds from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs; additional support is provided by the membership of the Greater Astoria Historical Society.

Tour dates and locations subject to change. All tours run approximately 2-and-a-half hours unless noted. Note: MTA train schedules on weekends, as well as tour dates, are subject to change.

All tours cost $15 for Greater Astoria Historical Society members, $20 for non-members. 

RSVP for whichever tours you wish to attend to or Kevin Walsh at or However, walk-ups are always welcome.

ForgottenTour #124, Sunday, October 29th, 12 noon, Uptown Trinity Cemetery
For FNY’s annual Halloween cemetery tour we’ll take a look at Uptown Trinity Cemetery, the Washington Heights counterpart of the Wall Street/Broadway burying ground. We’ll visit the final resting places of Clement Clark Moore, John Jacob Astor, John James Audubon and many more. Plus, I’ll have special looks at the gorgeous Hispanic Society Museum and Library and the magnificent Church of the Intercession. Meet at the SW corner of Broadway and West 155th Street,  two blocks south of the 157th Street #1 train station. 


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  1. julie says:

    hi i am living in arizona not by choice and miss far rockaway and all the fond memories of the old boardwalk sallies pizza and fascination and skee ball and tuckee cup does any one remember they served chinese food in a chinese noodle bowl so u could carry it back to your beach blanket oh the memories .. i am concerned about all the trash i see every .. why doesnt any one pick it up its looksry bad for people who want to visit long island thank u i know hurricane sandy was beyond words and the clean up is still going on today even with all its problems id move back today

    • NY2AZ says:

      Most recovering NYers (& other east coast refugees) in AZ are here by choice & enjoy life here. Their memories remain intact but the present day realities of their birth states have lead them to embrace necessary change. Get over it & respect AZ.

      • Chris says:

        Maybe she has a sick relative. Why are you so sensitive about someone who would rather live in a different state? I’m sure Arizona is fine but I bet you secretly believe AZ is a boring, culture-free dump and you’re jealous of everyone who is living a great life on the east coast. You’re pining over the east coast otherwise you wouldn’t be on this great site. Every state in America is beautiful. I respect AZ I just don’t respect sad residents of it like you imagining insults where there are none.

        • NY2AZ says:

          Dear Chris (clueless in NY):

          You’re not omniscient so you don’t know what I ” secretly believe”. If you were as tolerant as you pretend you wouldn’t post this. Thanks for tipping your hand & proving my point that what makes coastal life (the west coast is just as bad) so insufferable is folks like you, who love humanity but don’t get along with people. Reread my original comment again & apologize.

  2. Phyliss says:

    Arizona is beautiful due to the mountains & colors.
    My mother once said ….if you move to ax or fla you might as well know you are not coming back by car or by plane seat. You come back in a box!
    So she lived in nyc u til 98! God bless my mom!
    She was the best

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