Boston Road in the Bronx roars from Third (not 3rd, in the Bronx) Avenue in Morrisania northeast to the city line with Westchester County, and as Boston Post Road and US Route 1, will indeed get you to Boston if you don’t mind traffic lights. About a decade ago the telephone poles along the route were given scrolled “Type G” masts carrying yellow sodium Mission Bell lamps, since changed to LED Bells.

All through the transition, the scrolled mast carrying the fire alarm lamps have held firm. However, since about 10 years ago, the Fire Department isn’t servicing them anymore, as a small red “top hat” photocell with a red bulb has been added to the main luminaire. The city has decided to leave the old masts in place for now.

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2 Responses to BOSTON ROAD LAMPS, Eastchester

  1. Dan Schwartz says:

    >> as Boston Post Road and NYS Route 1, will indeed get you to Boston

    Well, as U.S. route 1. It passes through a number of states (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts), so it wouldn’t be just a New York State route.

  2. DJ McConnell says:

    1 goes south, too – just sayin’..

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