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Pennsylvania Station, which exists only in the memories of older folks and in photographs was a catalyst for the formation of the LPC (Landmarks Preservation Commission).  It was only after the destruction of the then-50 year old edifice that the realization set it in that it was a big mistake to tear it down along with  many other architecturally significant buildings around NYC.  Due to the existence of the LPC, many buildings  through our great city have escaped the wrecking ball.
While driving southbound on the east side of  Washington Avenue,  I saw what I thought was a renovation of this handsome building between Fulton Street and Gates Avenue in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.   Upon closer examination, I saw a sign that advertised the demolition company that’s doing the demo and an artist’s rendering of a new multi unit building that’s to be constructed in that plot of land.
Even though this building is in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, it’s not on a landmarked block. Consequently, it’s not protected from demolition. While sitting there to take a picture, I saw men inside presumably taking apart the interior.


Street View from late 2016. Apparently it was covered in unflattering siding. The building has a near twin two doors north, though that building has 2 dormers instead of three.
I’m so glad I was able to capture this building photographically before it became only a memory.

As it turns out this building has a lengthy and interesting history

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