I will be posting on NYC’s newest mass transit station (by 16 days!) soon, and will also have something about Tottenville soon too, but for now, here’s the remnants of the former Atlantic station on the Staten Island Railway.

The former station featured a crossover on Tracy Avenue connecting it with Ellis Street across the tracks. My hope is that the MTA retains the crossover because both this crossover and the one at the old Nassau station enabled pedestrians to easily access businesses and shipyards on Ellis from Arthur Kill Road that were cut off by the railroad. If these crossovers are torn down, walkers and bicyclists will have to go somewhat further and use the one at the new Arthur Kill station. More on that presently.

Check out the ForgottenBook, take a look at the gift shop, and as always, “comment…as you see fit.”



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  1. Lady Feliz says:

    Knowing NYC and how it utterly ignores anything even remotely related to SI, this structure will be up until Doomsday (though nobody will maintain it). And seriously, they couldn’t crete a better sign than a stenciled message on a piece of painted plywood? If a subway station in Manhattan were closed, I think they’d find a nicer way to convey the message.

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