This is obviously not a recent photo; it’s from January 2009, after the stoplights had been removed from this Olive post at 110th Street and 69th Road in Forest Hills. Traffic at this corner had been controlled by a pair of stoplights, one a regulation metal cylindrical post, the other a surviving Olive, possibly the last regular route survivor. In the 2000s the Department of Transportation decided to place two larger guy-wired lights on this intersection.

The only surviving working Olives are a handful located in Central Park.

The DOT just removed the stoplights and left this post in place! I haven’t been over there in awhile, and the last Street View is from 2014.

How’s it doing?

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  1. Fred says:

    Removing the light and leaving the post is not a surprise. I helped a friend renovate a bar in Suffolk County in the late sixties. He called Ma Bell to relocate the phone booth. They sent out 3 separate crews; one for the booth, one for the phone and one for the phone’s cash box.

  2. Alan Gregg Cohen says:

    New York City is unfortunately a sorry entity that does not seem to follow proper standards in the things they do when it comes to their Department of Transportation and their Department of Public Works. While they will spend millions of dollars on replacing perfectly good street name signs because they may not have the proper fonts or proper upper and lower case street suffixes, in fear of losing federal dollars, on the other hand they will allow non functional poles and posts to “litter” the streetscape unnecessarily. Maybe if they were in Manhattan they would be removed, but in Queens or the other outer boroughs it appears these things just go ignored.

  3. Sikandar Nirmal Singh says:

    I see the 110 street sign but are u sure the cross street is correct?

  4. Vin says:

    Google Maps Street View updated and its still there as of Nov 2016!

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