Hey, Forgotten Fans, your webmaster, Kevin Walsh, needs your assistance in order to better master the web!

Forgotten NY’s current website is long overdue for an overhaul: updated platform and design, better search functionality, mobile capability… just a few of the current challenges. FNY is also coming up on its 20th Anniversary, so we’re asking for your help with a website worthy of its content and to better serve YOU users! Because while Forgotten NY covers many long-lost aspects of our great city, its website should not be a thing of the past!

GOAL: $5,000 (new website design + hosting)

Besides profiting from this brand new site, there are even more rewards for your (not)Forgotten support! 

Tier donation rewards

$5,000 = There are no words to express our gratitude. If Kevin had a firstborn, you’d get it, but since Forgotten New York is his baby, how’s about a lifetime of free tours? 
+ signed copies of “Forgotten New York,” and “Forgotten Queens” books, with credit to you listed on the new website

$2,500 = a personalized tour of your choosing with Kevin J. Walsh himself + a signed copy of “Forgotten NY”

$1,000 = 20 Forgotten NY tours

$500 = 10 Forgotten NY tours

$100 = signed Forgotten NY (or Forgotten Queens book – TBD per Kevin)

$50 = 1-year membership to Greater Astoria Historical Society (which includes $5 discount on FNY tours)

Thank you for any contribution you can make!

Follow this link to the donation site:


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4 Responses to FNY’s GOFUNDME PITCH

  1. Tal Barzilai says:

    Will this help with those who don’t have to worry about the bandwith being exceeded after clicking a few links?

  2. Steve Stein says:

    Just donated. I’m off Facebook but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work!

  3. Michael Schwenk says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! $5000 reached!!!

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