One one of the very rare sunny days in November 2018, I walked from Grand Army Plaza at Prospect Park into Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Williamsburg, getting over 120 photos in the process that will make their way into FNY eventually. Here’s one of my favorite sights along the walk, a handsome multifamily building at Greene and Grand Avenues. Believe it or not, an elevated train rumbled down Grand until 1950, right past this building. 


What attracted me was that strip of bay windows up the side on the Greene Avenue side, painted black in contrast to the brick reds, and topped by a crown that to me looks like a bishop’s miter (one of those tall hats Roman Catholic bishops wear during ceremonial outings.

This side of Greene Avenue just squeaks into the Clinton Hill Landmarked District; here’s how they describe it:

When I give tours, I’ve learned to go easy on the inside-baseball architectural terms–only the experts know them. 

Me, I just know what I like.

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One Response to BISHOP MITER BUILDING, Clinton Hill

  1. Sikandar Nirmal Singh says:

    I learned so much and am fascinated by all the terms u use over the years! Ita even led me to other curiosities. One mention of knob and tube wiring led me to a google curiousity search. This is teen somehow led me to look up antique glass insulators – look them up, they are very pretty! A few months ago I found one on a sidewalk in green point. I snatched it up because it was rare and worthy of collecting. I was on a job interview that turned out to b a big scam and wanted some good to come from it. Hell knows my feet aches so bad my knees killed me. I did have a pleasant tour of greenpount sbyway, and the insulator – as a souvenir!

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