by Kevin Walsh

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Arlene Thorner May 10, 2014 - 6:17 am

I lived on 42nd and 9th Ave in Boro Park and went to PS 131. OMG, when I saw PS 131 it brought back so many memories, however, some are not clear. I remember how the street looked where I grew up; small and large apartment buildings lined both sides of the blocks. My building was actually diagonally across the street from the park on the corner. I can’t remember the building number but I remember the park benches all lined in a row. My parents are Rose and Edward Vorob (deceased). The triangle section was across the street from the swings! I clearly remember my building had a large center courtyard and was approximately 4-5 stories high with a wrought iron fence on the front of both sides of the building There was another 2 sided building on the other side of the street. Do you know the number of the building were I grew up? I tried to research it on google maps with no success. Thank you.


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