The Ministry of Love, maybe?

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  1. Jamila says:

    Your in downtown Brooklyn on Livingston street and Flatbush ave that’s the chase n national grid or con ed building I always wonder what it was befor they both take it over

  2. Magda says:

    Downtown Brooklyn Flatbush ave.

  3. JoeR says:

    That’s the butt-ugly building that replaced the old Brooklyn Fox theater.

  4. mike yelman says:

    the former brooklyn fox theatre location on flatbush avenue

  5. downtown says:

    I always felt the ATT switching building on Worth and Church made a good Miniluv.

  6. roger_the_shrubber says:


  7. Scott3794 says:

    Actually, to be REALLY technical, you’re on the s/w corner of Nevins St & Livingston St – facing the Con-Ed building.

  8. barb g says:

    that is sad. i remember that bklyn fox theatre. when i was a kid, my orthodontist was in the (now departed) albee bldg. i could see the bklyn paramount theatre from its windows, and we were frequent walkers around the whole downtown bklyn area. oh, blessed Abraham and Strauss, where art thou? (BOOHOO!!) we used to walk all the way up fulton, to juniors. i know that’s still there.

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