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  • TRAVIS, Staten Island

    March 11, 2006

    A lonely outpost even by Staten Island standards is Travis, a small village of about two thousand at the western end of Victory Boulevard. In the colonial period, it was an important crossing point (New Blazing Star Ferry) over the Arthur Kill to Carteret, New Jersey, from whence horses and carriages could continue on to [...]

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  • SYLVAN, the cemetery at the end of the Island

    March 7, 1999

    If it’s possible, Sylvan Cemetery, at the end of Victory Boulevard in Staten Island in the small town of Travis, had been in even worse shape than Prospect Cemetery was in 1999, when I first photographed each. In 1999 most of the headstones in Sylvan had been knocked over. As in Prospect Cemetery, overgrown weeds [...]

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