by Kevin Walsh

FNY PREVIOUSLY VISITED TULFAN TERRACE IN 1999, when most of it was still there. The little lane off Oxford Avenue near West 236th Street in Riverdale, Bronx, lined on both sides by picturesque cottages, was built in 1926 by two real estate contractors named Tully and Fanning, hence the unusual name.

Of course that was back in the era when real estate contractors had souls, and built structures that were in harmony with their surrounding areas.

Tulfan’s 246-foot above sea level height (the end of the alley overlooks much of Kingsbridge) made it attarctive to new developers, who bought all the houses on the southern end of the lane and will likely erect towering high rise buildings. Let’s take a look at the Tulfan of 5 years ago and the last days of its unique character.

The north side of Tulfan (above) will survive awhile longer; demolition has begun on the south side (right); photos from July 1999.

By 2011, the high rise had begin rising.

These cottages were shot just before demolition in 2004.

NYTimes photo, showing the complete Terrace. the buildings on the right were replaced by a high rise.

Some trivia: Saddam Hussein’s mother’s name was Subha Tulfan al-Mussallat.

So, what was so bad about this charming block that it had to go?

Photographed July 1999 and December 2004.

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