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  1. Mr. Andre Washington says:

    I have been interested in this building for a long time for a possible educational/cultural learning facility with associated mercantile enterprises. I am hard-pressed to find the owner of this facility. The for-rent sign does not provide detailed information. I need detailed information before even looking at the bldg. such as liens, taxes, zoning, etc.

  2. joe bernstein says:

    This building was once the Bank of the Unites States which went defunct during the Depression.
    This corner used to be a gathering place on Sunday mornings for Jewish trade union guys-carpenters,plumbers,and house painters all having their specific quadrant.
    I grew up on Union St near ENY Ave between 1946-62 and when I was a little kid,my dad would walk me to see trains at Van Sinderen and Pitkin-the Fulton,Canarsie,and Bay Ridge Lines put on quite a show.
    We’d pass by the crowded intersection of what was then Pitkin and Stone Aves.

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