I was aimlessly and unsteadily scarpering east on East 32nd Street a couple of years ago, looking for something interesting to photograph, when I happened on an isolated turn of the (20th) Century townhouse bearing a bright red and white sign by the door. Approaching it further, I discovered that it hosed the studio of Milton Glaser, perhaps the best known graphic designer of the past 60 years. During his lengthy career, he is best known for his iconic “I Heart New York” poster, for co- founding New York Magazine (and setting the template for its distinctive design scheme that persists till the present) and innumerable corporate logos and interior and environmental designs. His hallmark is directness and simplicity.

I have always been interested in graphic art, but never had the skill to truly pursue it. I do have a certificate from the Center For the Media Arts, where most importantly I learned page layout software that kept me in the black for two decades.

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  1. Mark 805 says:

    I don’t have the FNY webmaster’s expertise in graphic design or identification of fonts…but I LOVE this sign! Unfortunately my own name and address don’t lend themselves to such symmetry.

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