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  1. Arlene Thorner says:

    I grew up on 42nd and 9th and went to PS 131. I am trying to find the number of the building I lived in, so that I can locate it on a google map. There was a big central courtyard in the front and the park down the street. The park area faced another large building with small restaurant on the corner. The photos posted are wonderful and memories are flooding back to me. My parents were Rose and Edward Vorob, both deceased now. I am wondering if you can assist me in locating the building. Thank you. Arlene

  2. Hi Arlene,
    I believe I have the right person. I was Sheila Silverstein and lived next door to you when we were little girls. I was always in your house and loved your family. I do hope you remember me and respond. My email is sheila1112@yahoo.com and I have lived in Florida for 25 years. My telephone number is 561-870-5454.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. The address was 961-42nd Street.

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