It had been assumed that Paul’s Daughter (formerly Gregory and Paul’s) the non-chain dispenser of seaside goodies on the Coney Island boardwalk, would be closing to make way for a Starbucks, a Bank of America, or some large non-boardwalk appropriate chain, but Zamperla Amusements, which holds the leases of both Daughter and nearby Ruby’s, had a deal with another party that fell through, so Ruby’s and daughter will be staying, perhaps for another 3 years.

Too bad there’s no Astroland rocket on the roof any more, though.

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6 Responses to SEE YOU IN THE SPRING

  1. City Boy says:

    Glad to see that these local operations will survive a while longer.

  2. John Telesca says:

    Next time you are there check out the hand painted pictures on the counter along the boardwalk, they may make you smile!

  3. Barry says:

    While I am thrilled the building is still there, it isn’t the same without the Astroland rocket on the roof.

  4. Raanan Geberer says:

    It’s good that these local small businesses will be able to survive for awhile. But on the other time, you have to remember that most of the “food” they serve is basically fried, greasy and devoid of nutrition.

    • KevinJWalsh says:

      What do you want at the beach? Celery?

    • Paul A. Toomey says:

      I think we’re talking about Coney Island not a health spa in the Catskills!! If you’re so concerned about what people eat when they are out to have a day/nite of fun, Join the NANNY FOOD POLICE and stay the hell home & enjoy yourself!!….If you ever learned how that is!

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