There are still some very old metal sidewalk compasses to be found on sidewalks around town. This one is at Hicks between Poplar and Middagh Streets at PS 8 in Brooklyn Heights (se Comment below), no doubt installed by a developer or surveyor a century ago. True north is indicated by the up arrow.

More recent “compass roses” have been painted on park pavements by the city.

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  1. stever says:

    Put in a century ago?? How old is that concrete sidewalk? Looks more like the 1990s to me.

    • KevinJWalsh says:

      Well, if that sidewalk is new that compass is still pretty old. Whoever owns the property may have taken care to preserve it.

  2. johnny P says:

    I notice that, generally, most newer concrete, & sidewalks ( Last 25-40 yrs), tends to have black or “dark” colored rocks in it …
    Not scientific , but something I’ve noticed.
    Older concrete is where you find white & smoother stones … looks like the picture has white stones in the mix ….

  3. Jim Schmitt says:

    This is not at Hicks and Orange, it is outside P.S. 8 on Hicks between Middagh and Poplar Streets in Brooklyn Heights, and has been there since the school opened in 1931.

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