This Type 24M bishop crook (among the first generation of such posts first installed before 1920) can be found in Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx, on the west side of Broadway near West 230th Street.

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  1. fred harry says:

    beautiful picture!

  2. Rbert Mulero says:

    Nice Photo. Just to let you know that this is the last remaining “TYPE 24” Lamppost. All the others are Type 24A, Type 24A-W, Type 1BC, Type 1BC/24A, Type 6BC & Type K/24A

  3. J. Frank says:

    From what I learned decades ago, that Bishop Crook Lamp Post was owned by the now long gone Donaghy’s Steak House Restaurant of which that post was located directly in front of. The restaurant owner had it saved and agreed to take possession of when the city replaced all the similar l;amps along Broadway and the region with newer lights in the 1960’s. He agreed to maintain it in good order and had its electrical circuit connected to his restaurant. After the family restaurant was sold after many decades of operation, the lamp post gradually became abandoned and it is not in operation today. Its on the west side of Broadway just below the E.231St EL Station mid block. I ate at Donaghy’s a number of times in the 1980’s thru 90’s on my visits to NYC – my once hometown.

    Check my website out – you will be surprised at my form of historical preservation of the City I grew up in and its transit system.

  4. J. Frank says:

    My website direct link (not actually shown on my post above) is:

    It likely is attached as a hyperlink to open via a click on to my name shown on the previous above message from me.

    By the way, Kevin, GREAT job on your Forgotten NY website – been following it for many years now ! Regards – Joe F

  5. somebody says:

    Very interesting. How many years has this streetlight been up now?

  6. somebody says:

    I think I saw a similar street lamp on Walker Street in Tribeca between Broadway and Church Street. The difference is that the Walker St. lamp was a mercury fixture.

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