I found a series of arches that cascade into infinity, like opposing mirrors.

Where am I?

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  1. Victoria says:

    Oh, I don’t know. But I want to go there!

  2. David Silver says:

    You are under the Montauk Branch Viaduct in Richmond Hill.

  3. Timothy Vogel says:

    You’re in Kew Gardens / Richmond Hill, under the LIRR Montauk Line right near Forest Park/


  4. Charlie Greene says:

    Randall’s Island

  5. Richie O says:

    I am guessing Babbage Street in Richmond Hill Queens. If I am right, there should be the remnants of a Cadillac there with two dead people inside.

  6. Pat says:

    Richmond Hill, scene from Goodfellas.

  7. stever says:

    Randalls Island

  8. John says:

    Hard to imagine that it is in NYC because there is no trash strewn about!

  9. FerryBoi says:

    Have to say under the Hell Gate Bridge on Randalls Island.

  10. lou stevens says:

    under the a train somewhere in rockaway

  11. Your in Port Richmond Staten Island , looking at the Staten Island Railroad.

  12. Under the Hell Gate bridge, on the Bronx side

  13. KevinJWalsh says:

    OK, Tim has it right.

  14. Chris Beal says:

    Man! I was also going to go with Randall’s Island under the hellgate. I think those arches are taller though

  15. frank herrling says:

    used ta walk the forest park line back in the fifties with my father……plus ca change (dunno how ta find the cedille)…….

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