Herald Square

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6 Responses to JUST SO YOU KNOW

  1. John Telesca says:

    I think this is a new mosaic – is it? It looks very good, esp. how it switchs between letter parts that are 1 and 2 tiles wide. I like it.

  2. Andy Sparberg says:

    Those art deco mosaics were mainstays of the IND stations since most were opened between 1932 and 1940, when that style was very popular. Really nice mosaics, still beautiful today. Much better than the current white on black Helvetica signs, but literally locked in forever!

  3. Anthony says:

    Ah…..dear MTA. Just in case the original IND mosaic wasn’t visible enough… -_-;

    • Ken B. says:

      It looks like the newer MTA sign was actually placed so as to compliment the original mosaic. They could have installed it on top of the older one. (More thoughtless and stupid things have been done!)

      • Someone says:

        That would have destroyed the aesthetic quality of the sign. Besides, the redundant older sign is correct anyway. “Just so you know”…

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