Ichabod Crane is just a couple of blocks away.

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14 Responses to WHERE AM I?

  1. dan semple says:

    huntington, long island!!

  2. Nelson Robles says:

    It’s on Staten Island between Richmond Avenue and Victory Boulevard, near Fresh Kills Park.

  3. Maria says:

    Staten Island…by Mulberry Avenue..near Fresh Kills Park?

  4. John Tambini says:

    Tarrytown, Westchester

  5. Geoff says:

    Staten Island

  6. Wayne Whitehorne says:

    Out in the wilds of Travis, Staten Island NY.

  7. Mark V. Palermo says:

    Staten Island near Travis Avenue

  8. Etta-Lee Heiman says:

    Near the junction of Travis and Richmond Avenues, Staten Island, NY

  9. Larry Gertner says:

    What a jolt to see this. When I was a brand-new mailman, this was part of a route I carried quite often for the injured regular. It’s actually closer to the William T. Davis Wildlife Center, which was there long before Fresh Kills became a park; and Ichabod’s gravesite is about 1/2 mile north on Richmond Avenue.

  10. Sal says:

    New Springville Staten Island

  11. Irving Estella says:

    Tarrytown, NY (just a stone’s throw south of the Old Dutch Church & Philipse Manor in Sleepy Hollow)

  12. roger_the_shrubber says:

    Staten Island.

    That’s clearly a NYC street sign.

    Now if that had been Katrina Van Tassel Avenue….

  13. Janet says:

    Does anybody know where the Capital One commercial in front of an old stone building with columns and lions with a cobblestone street and apartment building in the background was actually filmed?

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