If you want to catch the LIRR at Fresh Pond, you might think about the bus. There hasn’t been a train since March 1998.

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  1. tom says:

    rumor has it if you are out there late at night a train whistle blows and it comes down the line- you just dont SEE the train!

  2. Tal Barzilai says:

    Why was train service stopped here? Could it have been due to low ridership on its line? If not for the graffiti, that sign could have probably told why passenger service was stopped, so I will probably never know now.

    • KevinJWalsh says:

      In the late 1990s the LIRR was taking shipment on new hybrid diesel/electric cars. These would require new platforms built at these stations, which had never had platforms and in some cases were clearings in the weeds beside the tracks. So, they decided not to spend the money, given the minuscule ridership. Today, 3 trains run from Jamaica to LIC along this right of way and except for Richmond Hill, which has an elevated platform, you’d never guess they were railroad stops once. The trains highball it right through.

  3. JOEL NORMAN says:

    Before the LIRR stopped there freight service FreshPond was the intrerchange point for the freight trans that crossed HELL Gate Bridge,the old NewHavenRR(then PC/CR)changed freight cars with the LIRR,Fresh Pond was what is called a “class”yard(were freight cars are sorted out)also FreshPond was the start point for the BayRige Branch as well as the Bushwick Branch of the LIRR…..there was once 2 towers(POND owned by the NH)and FRESH tower owned by the LIRR……also the BMT L train started across the road from FreshPond yard….

    • gary says:

      I remember this station vividly. Used to play on the racks & platform when I was a young boy. Back when they ran passenger trains & freight. The 5:15 came into fresh pond station every day. I also remember the electrified lines that ran under metropolitan ave. Had the overhead cantery wires. We used to hop freights to get to glendale along otto road & go up to the electrified line that goes down to brooklyn . The railrod dicks used to chase us with the salt guns !!!!!!! Yes, the lione was diactivated due to low ridership. The station has cruimbled & is dilapidated. I rememebr seeing an old pic of the line at grade level with the old gate house at the crossing of fresh pond & metro.

    • Joseph says:

      Actually, the freight service still exists at the Fresh Pond Yard. There is a daily CSX train crosses the Hells Gate Bridge, crosses the Queens Boulevard on the concrete arch overpass just east of Woodside, right between the two LIRR thresstles. The train goes up the Bay Ridge Line and then reverses into the Fresh Pond yard.

      The train then goes back, crossing the Hells Gate around noon. Sometimes there was also a Boston & Aristook freight following the CSX.

      Back in the late 1990s I was working on the construction project on Wards Island. Back then LIRR was taking delivery of new rolling stock. One morning I saw a new LIRR locomotive behind the CSX’s SD45s; the return train had a long string of old LIRR passenger coaches. Later that day, I saw the same locomotive crossing a thresstle over Union Turnpike behind the LIRR switcher.

  4. kongjr says:

    what exactly is a ‘Salt Gun”? I’m not gonna Wiki it, i’ll wait for someone to answer!

  5. butchie b. says:

    my understanding is it’s a shotgun with brdshot shell. half the gun powder is removed and the birdshot is replaced with rock salt. My father got hit by one stealing apples from a farmers orchard in the 20’s. Grandpa was NOT HAPPY!

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