The true miracle is that this, the last of Brooklyn’s ‘humpback’ street signs, is still in place. Out of thousands this is the last one. In fact I haven’t been by here in a few months — I hope it’s still there. Really, the Brooklyn Museum or a local outfit should claim it before the Dapartment of Transportation finds it and throws it out.

And that’s not all. Look closely at the hump–you’ll see a street that’s no longer there.

The two braces at the bottom likely held a white arrow-shaped one -way sign that was marked “Police Department.”

I wish I remembered everything I heard in school in addition to this stuff. I’d be a lot richer.


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  1. tom says:

    Oh the good ol days! what about those vending machines on the subway- The MTA still owes me a penny I lost in a machine on 14th st station!

  2. Nice catch.

    What happened to Hudson Ave ?

  3. James Scully says:

    This is amazing. I lived in Ft. Greene during college (Pratt Grad). I remember stumbling upon this sign one day.

  4. John Brandt says:

    Right in the middle of LIU: Google Maps. See the continuation of Hudson Av. south of DeKalb and “Hudson Walk” in the “projects” north of Myrtle. Anyone remember the old jail that used to be up the block behind Brooklyn Hospital? Very creepy.

    • Joe Fliel says:

      Threatening to send a criminal to Raymond Street Jail was a way of loosening their lips and making them talk. The jail in Long Island City was the preferred place of temporary incarceration.

      • Larry Mac says:

        My Uncle Raymond was born in 1924 and so named because Granpa was doing 30 days drunk and disorderly at the Raymond Street lockup at that time.

    • karen says:

      Thank you for linking the website. I have now lost a few more hours checking out old NY prisons and lost buidlings. I love it!

  5. Joe Hedio says:

    Look what I found from the blog It’s All In The Streets You Crossed, an ad from a 1969 Village Voice selling old NYC street signs:

  6. ron s says:

    These signs are going for several hundred each on ebay.


  7. Man do I love that sign… I see it every day and every time I look at it I hope that it stays there forever

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  9. Greenpointguy says:

    It’s visible on Google Maps street view!

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