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A two-shot page on One Shots. Forgive the breach from format …

This newsstand, on 7th Avenue and West 51st, is one of NYC’s classics with a hand-stenciled sign. It’s bursting with the promise of newspapers, magazines, snacks, cigs. I’m out of touch — I barely use a cell phone. Are phone cards still in wide use?

The Lorax would likely have a problem with this rather anodyne, chrome and glass CEMUSA newsstand further south closer to Times Square. Granted, it was a Sunday and it was closed, but even when opened it probably doesn’t have the bustling and busy atmosphere surrounding the classic stand.


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  1. John P. Simonetti says:

    Plus, the “old” newstand has what appear to be two lights on the upper corners to help buyers see at night. There are probably two on the other side, too. I don’t see anything like that on the “new” stand; of course they may be hidden. Or perhaps, those greenish looking panels light up? In either case, I’ve always wondered how the vendor relieves himself or herself; I’ve never seen anything that looks like even the smallest bathroom….

  2. neal fenton says:

    No Kevin, there’s a new chrome newsstand on Fulton at Gold I pass everyday. It always looks like it’s bursting at the seams. Come back in a while after it’s been open a few weeks.

  3. Tommy Brill says:

    There used to be a newsstand on Allen St. that had hand-drawn directional signs to points of interest. The one that stands out in memory said something to the effect of:”!5 blocks north, Little Italy, where Italians used to live.” Always made me chuckle.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I think phone cards are very popular among immigrants, who use them to make international calls at fairly low rates. Many of the deli/bodegas in my neighborhood have posters in their window from the various phone card brands, each listing their per-minute rates to different countries.

  5. Elena Paperny says:

    The newsstand at 51st and Seventh is right across the street from my office building, and flanks the AXA Equitable Building at 787 Seventh Avenue.

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