I’ve been past this place on Metropolitan and Hillside in Richmond Hill a number of times but never went in. Anyone know what it’s like?

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  1. Esther says:

    Oh my goodness yes! When I lived in Queens this was a regular stop for my father-in-law. He went in every day and knew both Tas (spelling?) the man who owned this shop and Marsha. It was named for Tas’s father. Last I knew Marsha was running the place. Very wonderful memories! 🙂 It’s an old diner car that’s been slightly converted. If you go in expect to pay cash and expect it be crowded for breakfast and lunch rush. Their food is decent, but as the FIL says you go there for the character of the place and the people. I can’t recommend it enough simply because I went there so often when I lived in Richmond Hill.

  2. Mark says:

    I’ve never been there but it is diagonally across from what was a classic haunt– The Tiny Nut Tavern (now Quik Stop convenience store). It had a pool table, decent juke box and made good sandwiches named after hockey teams – a Ranger, a Flyer…

    I’m sure there are readers out there who remember it.

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