I’m where they put el pillars right in the middle of the street.

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  1. Gary says:

    I’d say it was somnewhere along New Utretch Avenue under the D train.

  2. Bill Fleming says:

    On Myrtle Ave under the M Train

  3. Vix says:

    Liberty Ave under the A?

  4. Mark says:

    Myrtle Ave?

  5. Samuel Velasquez says:

    under the J line

  6. Liman says:

    The J train has a lot of these on the south side of Broadway, where the street cuts the grid and the cross streets are all hit it at an angle. Can’t place this one.

  7. Anthony Marcano says:

    Somewhere under the el on McDonald Avenue.

  8. Carmelo says:

    Stillwell Avenue, near Lafayette High School

  9. dennisson says:

    New Utrecht Avenue between 72nd st and 66th st

  10. Kevin Walsh says:

    No one’s close.

  11. roger_the_shrubber says:

    Ozone Park.

  12. Beverly says:

    Is this in Da Bronx?

  13. mike says:

    By the susquehanna hat company on flugal street?

  14. joe bernstein says:

    Pelham Bay Line

  15. D Rourke says:

    The M line where it veers off of Palmetto Street in beautiful downtown Ridgewood?

  16. r185 says:

    Under 31st Street in Astoria?

  17. Steve says:

    I’d guess North Bronx under the 2 or 5.

    • Kevin Walsh says:

      Close, but where exactly?

      • Heartland says:

        Near Waring & Herring? (just kidding)

      • Steve says:

        White Plains Road, maybe? I didn’t get to that part of town much when I lived in NY. When you said the Brooklyn and Queens guesses were way off I figured it should be under the 2/5, since it didn’t really look like anything I remember I saw riding the other Bronx lines.

  18. Nora says:

    Q train down past Ave H?

  19. Chris says:

    Cruger Ave just north of Sagamore St. under the 5 to Dyre Ave.

  20. Nora says:

    Oops, obviously disregard my guess there.

  21. Darryl Screven says:

    Bronx Park East, White Plains Road Area

  22. BB says:

    Bronx. Cruger Avenue under the 5 train.

    • Kevin Walsh says:


      • BB says:

        I figured it had to be somewhere near a portal or yard where the el isn’t very high. It would also be crossing a one-way street with not much traffic. The Dyer Avenue Line runs on it’s own right of way and crosses a lot of small streets. This is the surviving part of the NYW&B.

        Do you know anything about this particular crossing? It doesn’t seem to be protected by zebra stripes or any other warning.

        • Edward says:

          Totally odd. I Google Mapped the street and crossing, and it looks like Cruger Ave must have been added after the old NYW&B Railroad was built. I can’t imagine the railroad would just plop down pillars in the middle of the road, unless Cruger Ave was a dusty little trail at the time and just grew up around the overpass.

  23. Allan Rosen says:

    It’s somewhere where the el is not over a street

  24. STEVE says:

    Flushing Line, along Roosevelt Avenue @ Elbertson Street

  25. Miki says:

    cruger av BX.

  26. Anna says:

    Ozone Park past 101st

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