I am where Destiny has led me, the land of dashed dreams, abandoned hopes, and broken lampposts.

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20 Responses to WHERE AM I?

  1. Robert Bowrosen says:

    To me it looks like that area on Queens Blvd. Inbetween The Queens Center Mall and where Alexanders was.

  2. cb says:

    High bridge park under the Harlem River Drive?

  3. barb g says:

    surely not anywhere i’d want to be.

  4. Heartland says:

    Looks like the road to hell without the good intentions

  5. Steven Pisani says:

    Is this perhaps in the vicinity of the World’s Fair in Flushing? It looks something like the pedestrian walkways that went beneath the roads there.

  6. chris says:

    The outside gallery of the High School of Graffiti Arts

  7. Lynne Shapiro says:

    I’m also thinking somewhere by Queens Blvd., maybe where one exits the subway and gets the bus for Union Tpke. Looks like (but not sure if exactly like) someplace I’ve been once perhaps 5-10 years ago, though I cannot remember why the heck I would’ve been there. I’ve been living in Massachusetts for over 20 years, but do visit friends in Queens sometimes.

  8. Gerry says:

    Under Brooklyn Bridge ramps down near Pace U. and Gold St.?

  9. FNY Fan Skipper says:

    I’m guessing north of Citi Field, around (under) Northern Blvd and the Whitestone Expressway.

  10. Ken B. says:

    In Queens where the former Vanderbilt Motor Parkway passes under the Grand Central Parkway.

  11. Kevin Walsh says:

    See the Little red Lighthouse post for this location.

  12. FNY Fan Skipper says:

    I’m not gonna tell, Kevin. 🙂

    And all the previous guesses are not even close!

  13. Jon says:

    This is underneath the ramps on and off the George Washington Bridge, just south of the GW, leading up (or down, depending) from the Henry Hudson Parkway, around 176th-177th Streets.

  14. Tom says:

    Pedestrian underpass by Laurel Hill Blvd with access to Calvary Cemetery- the BQE is passing overhead

  15. Etta says:

    Tis easy since tis same photo as in next story re Little Red Lighthouse. The l-o-n-g qnd ‘senic’ way to Little Red.

  16. JEFF COSTIGAN says:


  17. Tal Barzilai says:

    In all honesty, this doesn’t look like something you would find anywhere in Manhattan, but that’s probably just me saying that.

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