I am in the power of Con Ed.

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  1. Chris says:

    I’d say you were on Box Street in Brooklyn east of Manhattan Ave. The view is to the west of the Con Ed building on 14th Street and Irving Place using a telephoto lens.

  2. chris says:

    One of these days i am going to go up in that tower in the con-ed bldg and take pictures.
    And the paramont bldg….and the met-life bldg…and the woolworth…and the crown…
    Cuz its selfish of them not to let the public up in them.
    Keeping it all to themselves,meanies

    • Mark Bender says:

      Fifty years ago, in the days of my youth, I would go to my orthodontist located at One Hancock Pl. The dental chair looked directly out of a window and I was fascinated with the view. I found out that there was an observation deck open to the public and went up to catch the view. I remember saying to the guard “Wow, what a view!” and the guard’s reply “Eh..it’s just full of Bars”. The area was pretty seedy back then, and that part of Brooklyn’s Apple has been polished up for sure.
      I don’t know if the observation deck is open, and I highly doubt it, but Chris, I’m with you, these summits should be open for viewing. Let them charge to cover security and liability. Perhaps a visitor to the Con Ed building can bring their bill in exchange of an admission ticket.
      I sold fuel oils and diesel fuel for many years. Back in the early 90’s, one of my accounts was The Federal Building Courthouse dowtown. I had to go there and photograph some equipment. When I met with the building engineer, I asked if it were possible to see what the inside of the pyramid that topped the building looked like. He said, “Come with me” and we took an elevator as high as possible, opened a door and walked into a very dark cavernous space filled with staircases that led upward. At that point, he said “Up for a climb?” “Heck yeah”. We climbed and climbed. At the end of the stairs was a small door. He opened it, and there, framed by the World Trade Towers was The Woolworth Building, and to my left The Municipal Bldg. The ledge I was on was only about two feet deep, and I was able to walk all around the top of that building. Not only was I lucky enough to be up there, but I also had my camera! There were only three or four frames of film left in the camera of a pre digital age, but I used them and took photos that I am happy to share.
      Yes Chris, more buildings should open their lofty viiew. When I lived in New York, I remember talk of reopening The Sky Club at the peak of The Chrysler Building. Anything happen?

      • John Brandt says:

        Mark, did you mean One Hanson Place – the Williamsburgh Savings Bank building? My sister’s orthodontist was there too. But I never made it up too the tower. There used to be a website for the condo developer who owns OHP now and it had great vista photos from the top.

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