25 Park Place near Church Street. This awning sign had been covered by OTB signage for many years.

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  1. steven says:

    I love these old signs. There is a store being renovated on 13th and and 45th st in Brooklyn that has the old Red Cross Shoes sign exposed now. Probably was there 40 years ago.

  2. ron s says:

    At what point will the old OTB’s become nostalgic and we will be looking for traces of them?

  3. Tommy Coca says:

    How the heck did OTB go broke when they had a gambling monopoly?

    • Frank Biscay says:

      It went broke due to bad management, Political interference (politics used it as a “cash cow” and just plain studity. Hazel Dukes (head Official) was a grossly overpaid political appointee who spent over $35,000 OTB dollars to redecorate her office! True ineptitude!!!

  4. ron s says:

    I agree—a bloated administration populated by morons will sink any institution. My favorite Hazel Dukes story is that after her gross mismanagement, and unethical spending on her office, she tried to balance the OTB budget by no longer supplying the 3 inch pencils to the OTB branches. What a stroke of enlightened management!

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