PS 15, Eastchester

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Bronx’ own Little Red Schoolhouse, PS 15, is at 4010 Dyre Avenue, near the end of the line on the #5 train. The architectural gem was built in 1877, designed by architect Simon Williams and was originally a school in the town of Eastchester in Westchester County before its capture by NYC in 1895. It now serves as a community center.

The further northeast in the Bronx you get to Westchester County, the further into Eastchester you penetrate … Eastchester is a neighborhood in the northeast Bronx that actually used to belong to Westchester County (the Bronx was formed from New York and Westchester Counties) and didn’t become a part of New York City until 1895.



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4 Responses to PS 15, Eastchester

  1. TomfromNJ says:

    Gem indeed! Nice looking old school. Nice it has been preserved.

  2. william says:

    I lived in the area of the school from 1940 until 1966 and knew many of my friends who went to P.S. 15. I even remember waiting for my older friends on the slope of the stairs for them.

  3. mike says:

    i played in the playground at P.S.15, which if you left by the back stairs you would be in Mt. Vernon. it was at the intersection of Dyre Ave. and Dark Street, just up the hill from Light Street. a fact i found quite amusing when i was a child. in the 1930s 233rd St. from Seton Ave to Dyre Ave. was level. dropping off sharply near where Imperial Farms was located. when car traffic became common the city graded the land on 233rd which is why all the streets on the north side of 233rd run downhill to it. Amundson Ave where i grew up has the steepest hill which was great for sleigh riding from outside my door to Dyre Ave, then hitching a ride back up on the # 14 bus. you can see the difference in height from past to present between Secor and Dyre where the Rectory for Nativity was once at ground level. geez i miss those days

  4. Sonny Murphy says:

    A treasure indeed. Include me in the Class of ’32. of the four class school. The school yard was divided by a canopied fence–girls to the North, boys to the South.( or was it the opposite). After PS !5 it was PS 68 for some, others PS 84. One envied classmate was able to hit the ceiling of the water-wall boys urinal, another earned a Silver Star on Normandy. God Bless America.

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