One of the long-razed and forgotten about notable buildings in Queens was the Chisholm Mansion, which was located in the midst of Herman MacNeil Park in northwest College Point overlooking the East River.

The mansion was built in 1848 by Mrs. John Rogers and given to her daughter, Mary Rogers Chisholm, as a wedding gift. The house was owned by the Rogers family until 1930 when it was acquired by NYC. The mansion, shown here in 1937, was demolished by 1940, though its location is now marked by a flagpole.

Photo from NYC Municipal Archives, which has festooned it with watermarks in order to get you to buy the photo at a minimum of $40.


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  1. C Fletcher says:

    There’s a nice photo of the home at

    Must not have been in bad condition later in 1937, as “Mayor LaGuardia used the mansion as his “Summer City Hall” in 1937.”

  2. Ron Melamed says:

    According to this article in the Long Island Star Journal, dated August 1939, they discuss the pending demolition of the Chisolm mansion. It seems the old structure was refurbished by the city and used by Mayor Laguardia as a summer headquarters.

    However two years later in this article, dated January 5, 1941 it seems that the mansion was scheduled for demolition within two weeks. So it seems you might have the year wrong in forgotten-ny writeup.

    More pictures with the permanent columns at the NY Public Library site:

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