I’ll have more on this park at a future date, and while I’ll continue to decry the “giant sucking sound” taking all the jobs away from the waterfront as NYC has lost its port to other states and the continued leisurization where there were once thousands of working men and women…

…I like the Midtown view from Hunters Point South Waterfront Park, opened in summer 2013. Let’s just hope another Sandy doesn’t come and rip up the evergreen artificial turf.


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  2. Bill Fleming says:

    Former Newspoint Site for the Daily News

  3. Joe Moretti says:

    Although some of development by the water is nice, I am with you, every time I look at places like this I think of all the jobs that were lost and the money that was brought into a community and helped to anchor the middle class.

  4. The Cheese says:

    That view reminds me of the beginning of “Barney Miller”

  5. ron s says:

    It is symbolic of the puzzling situation in the city-we don’t manufacture anything, people work in jobs that cannot be explained in a rational way, we have endless need for luxury housing, artisan food and upscale bars and cafes. Who are the people who can have nebulous jobs, afford luxury housing and have enough left over to hang out in an artsy bar? I understood LIC better when it was a working class and somewhat gritty manufacturing district. It is better now in some ways (Gantry Park etc.) but worse in others. The whole city has a feel of a house of cards awaitng a slight breeze.

  6. Danny S. says:

    Artificial turf? That kinda makes it an artificial park. They couldn’t plant real grass?

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