After a several-decade obsession with bland functionality, the Metropolitan Transit Authority began getting more creative with subway platform lighting in the 1990s. Included in that rubric is the refurbishing, or in some cases redesign and reinstallation, of the classic T-shaped platform lamps that generally were used to light up express platforms.

Seen here is one such example at Queensboro Plaza, the one and only express el platform that serves both the BMT and IRT, the N/Q and #7 trains.

On a picture perfect afternoon, there were little fluffy clouds in the sky.



  1. Wayne Whitehorne says:

    These have made quite the comeback – including a “single” version which can be seen at Dyckman Street on the #1 line. I was very pleased to see these installed at 9 Avenue (D) after the 1917 originals (and their 60’s replacements) were removed during the station rehab. Expect to see more of these as time goes on.

  2. Vinnie says:

    MTA really needs to make a comeback with all of their old “T” or “r” shaped lights with the visors on their elevated stations, most of the replaced examples proportionally dwarf the stations. They dont aesthetically flow with the vintage of station as well!! Broadway Junction and Norwood Ave. are some examples in my neighborhood that could use it. The technology is there they can use and the lighting is up to standard that it can be pulled off.

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